CHIIR 2021

6th ACM SIGIR Conference on
Human Information Interaction and Retrieval
Online, 14-19 March 2021

Welcome to the sixth ACM SIGIR Conference on Human Information Interaction and Retrieval (CHIIR) (pronounced “cheer”), which will take place on 14–19 March, 2021 (online). CHIIR provides a forum for the dissemination and discussion of research on the user-centered aspects of information interaction and information retrieval. CHIIR focuses on elements such as human involvement in search activities, and information seeking and use in context. The conference represents a merger of two successful past events: the Information Interaction in Context conference (IIiX) and the Human Computer Information Retrieval symposium (HCIR).

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That's it! Thanks to everyone who sent in papers, handled reviews, chaired sessions, ran tutorials or workshops, appeared on panels, gave keynotes, mentored students, served on the organising committee, or attended the conference. See you for CHIIR'22!
Congratulations to the authors of our best papers:
Best student paper: Searching to Learn with Instructional Scaffolding (Arthur Câmara, Nirmal Roy, David Maxwell and Claudia Hauff) and
Best paper: A Manifesto for Resource Re-Use in Interactive Information Retrieval (Maria Gäde, Marijn Koolen, Mark Hall, Toine Bogers, Vivien Petras).
Short videos for the CHIIR'21 papers are online. We've also got videos for the two keynotes and the panel.